Aeon Star Wars Guide

April 23, 2012

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If you have been struggling with Star Wars The Old Republic Game, then Aeon Star Wars Mastery Guide is just what you need. Play like a professional from the start and level up fast and impress everyone.

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Aeon Star Wars SWTOR Guide is a library of mastery guides covering all factions and details on the differences between them.

Irrespective of your character selection, or in the conversations within SWTOR game, Aeon Star Wars Guide will come in very handy.

Unhappy of dying in the Warzones? With Aeon Guide you build kick ass PvP builds from rank 10 to 50 which will make you unbeatable.

The level builds and rotations you use from Aeon SWTOR Guide are reliable and tested to be the fastest leveling builds getable.

Don’t spend time with trial and error when Aeon Star Wars Guide could help and save time and money with Power Leveling.

PVE Builds and rotations that will leave you at the top of the DPS/HPS beat, or allow you an unbeatable tank.

Aeon SWTOR Guide helps Best Abilities and Talents. Finish point by point walkthroughs for just where to put each talent point, for every level and every class!

Aeon SWTOR Guide provides detailed information on what items and stats are optimal. Never ponder which part to pick/buy/roll on again!

Healing And Tanking with Aeon Guide is easier whatever you do in your Groups, Operations or Flashpoints.